Contamination Control

As part of our Hydraulic Cleanliness Strategy, CCR Hose and Fittings adhere to the strictest contamination control policies in accordance with ISO Standards.

In the world of Hydraulics, particles down to 1 micron have been proven small enough to slowly deteriorate hydraulic systems and their components.

To bring this into perspective, the width of a human hair ranges from 17 microns to more than 150 microns and we are talking ‘1 micron’ for hydraulic component wear to commence.

Our Hydraulic Technicians are certified in the procedures required to conduct hose manufacturing whilst following the strictest of contamination control and cleanliness guidelines. You will be confident that your hydraulic system has been serviced with the utmost professionalism and care.

Before each hose assembly leaves our workshops it undergoes internal cleaning to remove foreign particles that occur from, Manufacture, Transport and Cutting. Upon completion of each hose assembly manufactured, terminations are sealed in accordance with the ISO Contamination Standard.

Utilizing a heat shink cartridge and heating unit, each termination is sealed to keep out any unwanted particles that may be circulating in the workshop environment. After sealing an identification tag is then place on the hose assembly which includes information such as, Date Manufactured, Manufactured By, Couplings Used, Type of Hose and Overall Length.

If you manufacture your own hose assemblies on site and would like more information on any of the products mentioned. Give our friendly staff a call on 08 9390 1490.

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