Hydraulic Systems Audits

As an industry first, CCR introduced a machine specific ‘Hydraulic Systems Audit’ (HSA).

The (HSA) audit allows our Fitter to systematically inspect your hydraulic systems accurately and comprehensively. Emphasis on reliability is paramount to a greater production for your Mobile equipment and Fixed Plant environments thus, leading to greater profitability. CCR will conduct an (HSA) audit reporting on the following:

Heat audit: looking for areas of the machine/plant that are subject to high heat causing premature hose failure.

Hose Survivability audit: looking for key areas that will be subjected to mechanical damage.

Hose Wear Audit: looking for hoses that will be subject to imminent failure and suggest replacements where applicable.

Hydraulic Systems & Mechanical Functionality Check: to ensure that dynamic testing reveals no further hosing issues.

Confidence in knowing your hydraulic equipment has been assessed by a certified and experienced Hydraulic Technician, who stand by our Quality service with quality support guaranteed.

From a mobile equipment point of view, our audits are matched to your machinery. Currently, our lists of Hydraulic System Audits are available for the majority of the following OEM mining equipment;

Komatsu, Caterpillar, O&K, Hitachi, Cubex, Redrill SK Series Drills

CCR are continually introducing other machine types and models. Typically, you can expect to see updates regularly. If you have a machine which requires a scheduled inspection, let us know, as we can develop these audits to suit your machine.

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