Safety and Environment


CCR take every effort to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. Our Occupational Health & Safety Committee are constantly overseeing the integration of procedures and policies, in the prevention of hazardous incidents, supporting a safe work environment.

Regular reporting methods have been put into place and regular Pre-Start checks and inspections are continually maintained with on-going improvement when required.

You can be assured that you are not only taking on a professional to complete your works, you can be assured the our technician is qualified and has completed the necessary training.




CCR Hose and Fittings cherishes a healthy and clean environment and proudly adheres to all environmental policies and procedures. Through partnerships with environmental specialists and by using new procedures and technologies, we are finding ways to help reduce the impact of hydraulic incidents on the environment.

We understand that correctly maintained equipment does have a tendency to fail at times and by implementing periodic hydraulic inspections and planned maintenance, CCR has proven its track record in reducing environmental incidents and equipment failure rates.

Let us help you and together, we can both help to save our environment.

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