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CCR Hose and Fittings are a leading hydraulic service provider within Western Australia which was founded in 2003 by Chris Harper, servicing the local businesses throughout the Perth metropolitan area then, onto blast hole drills for Reedrill where he was responsible for machine complete re-hoses to Pilbara Iron specifications.

With mining safety heavily scrutinized Chris saw the need to provide the service of maintaining heavy mining equipment hydraulic hose assemblies on site, recording the upkeep/changes, replacing hoses when required and keeping the customer up to date with future maintenance requirements with minimal downtime.

Our Vision

CCR’s main focus is making you, our valued Customer, comfortable in knowing that your hydraulic hoses and fittings will be maintained by our quality Hydraulic Technicians with the utmost professionalism, guaranteed.

Our rapid growth has seen the need to accommodate the Pilbara region with a better supply of goods and services, supported by our Tom Price Service Centre.

CCRs’ motto is “No hose is too big or small!” Whether it be the local mechanic requiring a power steering hose, to the Blast Hole Drill within the mining sector, you can rely on CCR to provide quality support and experience with minimal downtime.

We guarantee every hose assembly that is supplied and fitted is of the highest quality and suits its application.

Our Mission

The mission of CCR Hose and Fittings service is to:

Utilize cost effective and technologically advanced products specifically for the hose and fittings industry.

Establish a national and international service network based entirely on the expertise of CCR and the products of non-exclusive but high quality distributors.

Provide all customers with support information which recognizes the consequential effect of the inter-relationship of all equipment, system components and to select the best “Fit for Service” product based on accumulated performance based information.

Continued investigation, provide products that contribute to improving equipment performance while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Actively pursue demonstrable operational cost reductions on behalf of our customer on a long term and sustainable basis.

Participate with our customers and their third party auditors in performance based machine and components maintenance contracts.

The required result of these activities is to provide a standard of service previously not available to the Hose and Fitting industry.

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